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Are you thrilled with the progress your athlete has made since training at First Coast Fusion? Then let the world know! We would love to post your testimonials here. Testimonials can be emailed to theresafunk@comcast.net

Arlene J: What a journey, we first met Amanda and Theresa at Police Athletic League when they were Casey’s very first Cheer Coaches. After several seasons, both the coaches and parents wanted a more productive, supportive environment for the cheerleaders. First Coast Fusion was born.We like to think of ourselves as “Original” members of First Coast Fusion. We have watched this gym grow into a very special place. We love this gym and the people who own it!Positive Coaches, Consistency and Love for the Athletes shines through every time you are at the gym. New skills are encouraged along with positive can do attitude’s. Children at this gym are not just a number or a client. The coaches invest in these children and their families.One of my favorite activities as a parent is stunt night. Cheerleaders from all the local high schools come together to stunt and tumble together every week. New skills are being learned and new friendships blossom. These cheerleaders then go on to support each other at Football games, cheer competitions and other school activities. These friendships have even carried over into personal activities. It is wonderful thing to see these relationships fostered as this is true sportsmanship!Cheerleaders that have gone on to college to cheer have returned to work summers at Fusion to share their love of the sport and all the knowledge gained in college with their former teammates and friends. We are so excited to see what the future holds for this gym and its athletes!Thank You First Coast Fusion for the great positive environment! We love our First Coast Fusion Family!! Much Love, Arlene and Casey Jane 

Shannon L: Love it!

Brenda EAwesome gym! You will make a lot of progress with cheer and dance here. LOVE the coaches!!

Shannon A: I am so greatful for the experience my daughter has had to date with First Coast Fusion. The owners and Coaches truly love and care about all of the Athletes. So blessed to be a part of the Fusion Family.

Wendy R: great gym hard working athletes!!!!!!!!!

Nadyia J: I love the coaches and what they've taught me. Over all I definitely recommend this gym for first time all star cheerleaders. It'll get you far in the cheer world

Kelly G: Taylor loves to cheer here!

Rosalyn B: I just had to share how blessed & thankful we are to be apart of such an amazing team & group of people, First Coast Fusion All Star Cheerleading. My daughter has been going through a rough time & is having to make some hard decisions, but through this all, but through it all, we have had the upmost respect, support, positive encouragement, thoughts, prayers, & even offers for help. This all coming from the coaches, friends, & even from her teammates, we are truly touched & this means so much to us! It's so nice to know that you all truly care & that she does not have to go through this alone. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It shows that we're all united & in this together.

Yolanda P: Our daughter will be entering her 3rd season at First Coast Fusion and we want to give thanks to all the coaches and owners who contribute in pushing Jackie to reach her goal and to strive for higher ones.  There are no outsiders in our gym; we are all family. GoFusion!

April HYesterday was Reagan's last competition for the season. We are beyond proud of these kids! We came into this season with no expectations, and are ending it with so much LOVE and RESPECT for this gym. It's owners, coaches, athletes and parents are truly a class act! My child bawled when she got into the car Thursday night because it was the last official practice with her team and she didn't want to be separated from her coaches. That is what makes all the sacrifices worth it. We LOVE our Fusion Family and can't wait to see what next season will bring.

Holly J: Going through all the training and guidance I have for Clay Pop Warner cheer I've come to appreciate the progression sheets we now use. At first I was thining it was wasting time; but then realized how beneficial it is to teach progression in tumbling, like my daughters get from their tumbling coach, Christina Roberts, at Fusion. I'm so impressed with the way she teaches progression going over and over each skill each tumbling lesson before moving on. My girls have made huge progress. Thank you, Christina, it's so important to know how to do each individual skill before moving on to the next skill.

Holly W: My daughter loves tumbling at Fusion! Whether it's private lessons or a tumbling camp, I know she's in good hands! She has learned so much and gained so many new skills since she started tumbling at Fusion!

Alexis L: My kids have been tumbling for 4 weeks and yet they have learned so much already! I'm super impressed with the caring staff. My kids and I love them all! My 8 year old is already doing back handsprings!! What!?!

Cindy G: Great job what hard work you have all done to reach the expertise that you have achieved.

Michelle F: This is my daughter's first season at First Coast Fusion and she is loving it. She has went from a level 1 tumbling skill in May to a level 3 in August. This was all done by great coaches that are certified in these skills and have dedication to these girls! Thank you First Coast Fusion

Anissa K: This was my daughter's first year at First Coast Fusion and there is NO where that compares. The coaches and staff invest in each and every child as if they were their own! This is not just a gym, it's a family! They know the recipe for success. We will be back and plan on being there for years to come. Thank you FCF... You're the best!

Madison P: This is my first year and I am improving so much!! The staff are amazing. I am already a level 3 tumbler and I can't wait to see what more years with FCF can bring!! Love it

Michelle F: This is my daughter's first season at First Coast Fusion and she is loving it. She has went from a level 1 tumbling skill in May to a level 3 in August. This was all done by great coaches that are certified in these skills and have dedication to these girls! Thank you First Coast Fusion

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The below sponsors have helped Fusion athletes achieve their dream of being a competitive cheerleader by making a donation to their cheer account. Fusion is appreciative of the community supporting our athletes and in turn have recognized them below: