Below are brief descriptions of the different documents that are listed and can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Registration Form:

This form is required in order to attend classes at Fusion.

Release of Liability for Minor Participants:

This form is required in order to attend classes at Fusion and must be updated yearly. If the athlete is under 18 years of age a parent signature is required.

Cheer Parents 101:

A better name for this set of documents would be, The All Star Cheer Bible. We adopted this from the USASF website. USASF is the governing body for All Star cheer. This is a must read for anyone considering All Star Cheer. Whether you are a first year parent or been at this a few years. This gives you a better understanding of the sport in general and why decisions are made the way they are.

Athlete Vacation Form:

This form is used in the event an athlete will miss a scheduled practice due to vacation, etc.

Sponsor My Uniform:

This form is available to our competitive athletes in order to obtain sponsorships from friends, relatives or businesses that would like to contribute specifically to the cost of the athlete's competition uniform. Once all lines are sponsored the athlete has raised enough money to pay for their uniform, competition bow and shoes.

Athlete Sponsorship Letter:

This letter is to be used by athletes wishing to obtain business sponsorships to help offset the cost of competitive cheerleading.

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